Meet The Team

This is the part of the website where you get to see behind the scenes… who (or what) exactly makes Moose tick?

From your very first contact with our office to the time when you’re sadly waving goodbye to your favourite tour guide with tears in your eyes, we’re here to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Although we are all completely different monsters, everyone on our team shares a love of travelling and adventure and we’re dedicated to sharing that with you throughout your time with Moose!



Megan is the head honcho of Moose Travel East and all of her employees tremble with fear as she walks into the room. Eye contact is strictly prohibited at all times!

But we jest! Megan took over Moose in 2012 and has never looked back. Focused on bettering our tours each and every season, and keeping up with the modern traveller’s thirst for adventure, Megan has her plate full. Full of sushi that is – “What’s for lunch today, Megan?” And the answer will inevitably be, “How about Sushi?”

Aside from keeping everyone on track at work, Megan is an avid runner, country music listener, dog owner and foodie. There’s not a minute that goes to waste in Megan’s world!



Meet Brandon – his gorgeous flowing locks, quick sense of humour and serious case of wanderlust combine to make him a perfect tour leader!

A born and bred proud Canadian stereotype, you’ll often see Brandon wearing plaid, listening to classic rock and on the lookout for moose. An east coast boy through and through, he’ll whisk you away from your comfort zone and take you on a rollercoaster ride (not really, he’s a very safe driver) through Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. He’ll even be there to ease your sea sickness on the ferry to Newfoundland.

When Brandon’s not busy being the best tour guide he can be, his two passions in life are stand-up comedy and the hunt for sasquatch. We know he’s out there somewhere!



Equal parts adventure guide and ski instructor, poutine and smoked meat lover, hiking enthusiast and beer connoisseur, native Québécois Beth just loves Moosing around!

From whale watching in Nova Scotia, hiking up mountains in Newfoundland and cooking up some of the best East coast lobster around, the Screech tour is her main jam!  If you want to know about the best hikes, experience the festival season in Montreal, listen to some good tunes and learn how to make the ultimate s’more then Beth’s your guide! She’ll see you this summer!



Sally axe

An ex pat from England (although if you ask her she’ll specify Cornwall), Sally travelled over to Canada in 2006 with the citizenship that having a Canadian father afforded her, and is now a fully fledged Torontonian.

Having spent countless years managing a backpackers’ hostel and trying to teach Canadians how to make the perfect cup of tea, she finally made the change and found her home at Moose Travel. If you write Moose an e-mail, there’s a better than good chance she’ll answer it, almost always politely!

Known for never saying no to a shot of tequila and being a little too obsessed with her cats, Sally is Moose’s “Jack of all trades” doing anything and everything needed – from operations to customer service to fixing the stapler, all from the relative safety of the Moose Travel office.