22 Days
From: $3819 CAD

  Lace up those hiking shoes, get that camera ready and pucker up – There are fish that need kissing! Our 22 day Screech tour takes you on a legendary journey through Ontario, Québec, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland. Moose has created the perfect itinerary to give you an unparalleled experience of Eastern Canada with a […]

Visit Newfoundland!


20 Days
From: $3299 CAD

Join us on our Schooner tour and see the parts of Canada that even some locals don’t know about! You’re going to love every minute of this 20-day tour; there’s just so much we need to show you! We’ll journey throughout Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, stopping off to explore […]

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12 Days
From: $2139 CAD

We’re passionate about every province in our exquisite country and Ontario and Québec are particularly close to our Moose hearts. As such, we have a 12-day tour focused entirely on these 2 provinces! On our Mohawk tour, you will venture out from Ontario into French-speaking Québec and back again. We’ll take you through Montréal, Québec […]

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10 Days
From: $2149 CAD

  The Newfie tour has an additional 2 optional finishing locations! Finish in Québec City – 13 days. Basic tour $1819 (+ $245 local fee). Inclusive tour $2569 Finish in Toronto – 16 days. Basic tour $2099 (+ $245 local fee). Inclusive tour $2929 Your love affair with the great outdoors is going to ascend […]

Departs from Halifax!

Big East

9 Days
From: $1639 CAD

  Are you ready to experience the real Canada? Get ready for fresh air, adrenaline-inducing activities, and Canadian culture! Our Big East tour is perfect for anyone visiting Eastern Canada who wants to experience all they can whilst on a modest time budget. We travel over 3000 kilometres round-trip from Toronto, visiting Montréal, Québec City, […]

Ontario and Québec!


8 Days
From: $1474 CAD

Step away from the space heater because there’s no time like snow time! Our Snowplow tour will get you out in the elements, experiencing all a Canadian winter can throw at you (snowballs included). On our Snowplow tour you’ll spend 8 days exploring Montréal, Québec City, Mont-Tremblant and Ottawa. We’ll visit beautiful Montmorency Falls – when […]

Winter Tour!


8 Days
From: $1429 CAD

We’re heading to Halifax and we want you to join us! This 8-day tour is your most thrilling route from Toronto to the Maritimes; we promise you won’t “clam up” about this awesome experience! The adventure starts in Ontario, travelling through Québec, New Brunswick, and finally ending in Nova Scotia – Canada’s Ocean Playground! Iconic […]

Toronto to Halifax!


7 Days
From: $1429 CAD

The Puffin tour has an additional 2 optional finishing locations! Finish in Québec – 8 days. Basic tour $1109 (+ $150 local fee). Inclusive tour $1539 Finish in Toronto – 12 days. Basic tour $1479 (+ $150 local fee). Inclusive tour $2149 Breathe in the fresh Atlantic air, listen to the waves crash along rugged […]

Departs from Halifax!


5 Days
From: $929 CAD

Three provinces in five days? We can do that for you on our Acadian tour! We’ll take you Eastward bound and explore some of the locations that are home to Acadians, a cultural group with a very distinct history, and descendants of those that settled in Canada from France in the 17th and 18th centuries! […]

Toronto to Halifax!


3 Days
From: $499 CAD

  You’re in Montréal, stuffed to the brim with poutine and thinking, “I should really do something in Québec other than eat all of this fantastic food!”.  Well, Canada has absolutely incredible whale watching opportunities and we are confident that the tiny village of Tadoussac, with its spectacular fjords, is one of the most beautiful whale […]

Quintessential Québec!


3 Days
From: $499 CAD

Get ready for this road trip north, we’re heading to the Bruce Peninsula! A feast for the senses, Bruce Peninsula is definitely one of the most stunning locations in all of Ontario, renowned for its rugged dolostone cliffs and turquoise Georgian Bay waters. Our 3-day Grotto tour offers experiences that just aren’t available on any […]

Bruce Peninsula!


3 Days
From: $499 CAD

Short on time but need some adventure in your life? Our Beaver tour is a perfect retreat to discover the ample nature in Central Ontario. Spending your days in the Canadian wilderness is the ideal way to relax, explore nature, and get your adrenaline really flowing! This is the real Canadian experience – hike to various lookouts, […]

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