Pirates, bars, shipwrecks and breweries! Right, now we have your attention, let’s tell you a little about the fascinating city of Halifax!

The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax is a walkable, vibrant city wrapped in coastline, history and good old east coast charm. Known also for its nightlife, festivals and fantastic food, with more bars per capita than any other Canadian city, Halifax is  going to need you to gather up all of your get up and go!


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The golden age of piracy in Nova Scotia was from 1690-1730. The very last pirate trial in Halifax was conducted in 1844 – A gang of 6 pirates were shipwrecked on the Eastern Shore, their cargo consisted of silver bars and coins and they had murdered the original captain and crew before falling out with each other. Four were hung and 2 are believed to be buried under the sidewalk at the Library on Spring Garden Road!


Are you afraid of the dark? What about ghosts? Halifax’s sometimes tragic history has inspired some of the best ghost walks around. Take a tour of the tunnels and prison cells of the Citidel Fort by candelight or walk through Old Halifax at night, visiting muder sites and graves and hearing stories of pirates, ghosts and terrifying unexplained happenings…


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Be transported back to the 1800s on the Alexander Keith’s Brewery tour! Founded in 1820 by Scotsman Alexander Keith, this is one of the oldest breweries in Canada. Beware though, some say Alexander couldn’t bear to leave his booming business and his ghost still roams the brewery to this day!


For all of you culture vultures and history buffs, Halifax is sure not to disappoint! Immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s rich Maritime heritage at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and learn more about Halifax’s efforts during the Titantic distaster. Visit the Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21, the site at which a million immigrants have arrived in Halifax between 1928 and 1971, or check out Fort George on the Citadel Hill, an imposing fort completed in 1856 ensuring the safety of Halifax and all her residents!


The 78th Highlander Guards of the Citidel in their striking traditional uniforms. Make sure to visit this national historic site for the changing of the guard, also check out the marching and band drills on the parade grounds, while the Royal Artillery fires the Noon Gun every day! (At noon...)

A 78th Highlander Guard of the Citidel in striking traditional 19th century uniform. Make sure to visit this national historic site for the changing of the guard. Also check out the marching and band drills on the parade grounds, while the Royal Artillery still fires the Noon Day Gun every day! (At noon…)


Sup a beer down by the waterfront, get crazy with karaoke or visit a fine dining restaurant. With more bars per capita than any other Canadian city there’ll be a wateringhole hole to suit everyone’s tastes, energy levels and budget. Try out the awesome Lower Deck bar, right by the waterfront with live music every night, or the more upscale, former mortuary (and therefore super haunted) Five Fishermen restaurant!



Nova Scotia is Canada’s second smallest province so it’s easy to take a quick journey from Halifax to other great locations! Check out our Nova Scotia page to see more!



  • Explore Halifax on foot, and take in the waterfront of this charming Maritime port
  • Fort George on Citadel Hill – take a tour and see the changing of the guards
  • Visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic or the Canadian Immigration Museum
  • Alexander Keith’s Brewery tour and tasting
  • Get involved with one of Halifax’s many summer festivals
  • Take in Halifax’s nightlife, have a drink or two and some wonderful seafood
  • Take a ghost walk and hear more about Halifax’s harrowing history
  • Jump on a Harbour Hopper – this amphibious bus will take you on a fantastic tour, both on land and water!
  • Visit Fairview Cemetary where over 100 victims of the Titanic disaster are buried. Including one J. Dawson. (According to the director, the character Jack Dawson of the movie was not inspired by this grave)


Halifax Lamps

Down by the beautiful waterfront, life in the port of Halifax is so laid back that even the lamp posts are taking a break…


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