New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the four original Canadian provinces and is proudly part of the stunning Maritimes! The only officially bilingual province, a visit to New Brunswick’s Acadian coast will immerse you in vibrant communities and a rich cultural scene, not to mention the incredible natural beauty of the coastline, parks and beaches!


The amazing Hopewell Rocks

The Bay of Fundy has some of the most breathtaking tidal changes in the world! When a hundred billion tons of water pours into the Bay of Fundy from the Atlantic Ocean, the water level in the Bay rises a staggering four storeys. Take in this incredible site at The Hopewell Rocks – Walk around the famous “flowerpot rocks” at low tide then watch them slowly disappear as the tide comes in!


The French Acadian people settled in New Brunswick in the 17th century and there is still a strong Acadian spirit throughout this beautiful province with over 30% of the population being French speaking. The Acadian lifestyle was shaped by the sea, with the blissful backdrop of the rugged coastline, beaches and abundant lighthouses. The love for life is infectious here and you’ll find yourself welcomed with open arms into the festivals and gatherings!


Shediac lobster cruise

The town of Shediac is known as the lobster capital of the world. They adore these crustaceans so much that at the entrance to town they have a 90 ton scuplture of one! Of course you can’t travel to New Brunswick without trying this delicacy so hop on a lobster boat cruise and enjoy the freshest lobster lunch for miles around!


New Brunwick has a few mind-boggling sights! Just outside the vibrant city of Moncton is Magnetic Hill. Just drive down to the bottom of the hill, take your foot off the brake and your vehicle will roll straight back uphill! Magic or mystery? It’s up to you to decide!

We also have the Reversing Falls, a set of rapids on the Saint John River where the high tides cause the flow of water to actually reverse against the current! We’re not saying you’re doing things backward, New Brunswick, but these are very odd experiences indeed!


Grand Falls New Brunswick1

Grand Falls are named because they are exactly that – Grand! This is one of the most impressive waterfalls to be found east of Niagara, dropping from a height of 75 feet!



  • Explore the Bay of Fundy and Hopewell rocks
  • Visit the museums and learn about the rich history of the Acadian people
  • Roll uphill at Magnetic Hill
  • Explore the vibrant cities of Moncton and Saint John.
  • Take in the “grandness” of Grand Falls
  • Drive over the longest covered bridge in the world
  • Visit Grand Falls
  • Take a lobster boat cruise and chow down on some of the best lobster in the world
  • Visit the incredible Reversing Falls


Hartland bridge

Crossing the Saint John River from Hartland to Somerville is the Hartland Bridge. A National Historic Site, the bridge built in 1901 is STILL the longest covered bridge in the world!


Tours that visit New Brunswick