This is where the sun rises first – Newfoundland is the most easterly province in North America!

Widely known for having the friendliest and most hospitable locals in Canada (and perhaps even the world), Newfoundland is one in a million. Believe it or not, Newfoundland is actually closer in distance to England than many places in Canada! As we all know, Canada’s REALLY big!


Iceberg ahead!

Giant icebergs regularly drift past the coast of Botwood in the spring and early summer – We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for them on our tour! Newfoundlanders (or “Newfies”) harvest the icebergs to make beer and vodka! A must try while you’re there!


The mountain ranges, rugged coastlines and beautiful trails make hiking exceptional in Newfoundland! You can walk the Skerwink trail near Trinity East with it’s dramatic landforms, spend time exploring Gros Morne National Park near Norris Point or, for the more adventurous of you, spend a day hiking and climbing the 806 metres to the summit of Gros Morne Mountain!


Gros Morne

It takes effort and energy to complete the Gros Morne Mountain hike but once you get to the top the view is worth it! With no civilisation as far as the eye can see, make sure you take the time to appreciate that this is nature doing it right!


The coast of Newfoundland is a spectacular place to catch a glimpse of whales without having to take a cruise! There are twenty two species residing here depending on the season including minke, sperm, pothead, blue, orca, and the world’s largest population of humpbacks! Whether hiking a seaside trail, sea kayaking or just admiring the scenery, seeing one of these majestic mammals is an awesome and exciting experience!


sea kayaking norris point

Bonne Bay in Norris Point, with it’s mountain scenery and shoreline punctuated with numerous coves and beaches is an excellent location for sea kayaking. Take a guided tour or, for the more experienced of you, just rent a kayak and explore independently. If you’re lucky you may spot a minke whale or bald eagle!


St. John’s is one of the oldest cities in North America and definitely Newfoundland’s social hub! Fancy a drink? You’re in the right place – George Street has more bars and pubs per capita than anywhere else in North America! With a plethora of annual events and festivals, unique attractions, and breathtaking land and seascapes, you’ll definitely leave a piece of your heart in this friendly port!


screeched in

Being “Screeched in” is Newfoundland’s way of welcoming you to their beautiful province. It involves a shot (or two) of Screech Rum, a short recitation and the kissing of a cod – thankfully not a live one!



  • Explore Gros Morne National Park and hike to the top of Gros Morne Mountain
  • Rent a Sea Kayak in Norris Point
  • Get “Screeched in” on George Street in St. John’s
  • Hike the Skerwink coastal trail near Trinity East
  • Take a boat tour in Gros Morne National Park
  • Drive some of the famous Irish Loop
  • Look out for icebergs
  • Wildlife spotting – from moose to lynx, there’s a variety of animals to see.


Gros Morne Group

Whether you’ve just hiked a mountain, kayaked in the sea, seen a whale or kissed a cod, your experience will be all the more special because you’ve shared it with your new Moose buddies!


Tours that visit Newfoundland