Prince Edward Island

The birthplace of Canada and named for Queen Victoria’s father, Prince Edward Island is royally fantastic!

P.E.I. is known for the vibrant colours of it’s rolling green hills, red sandstone cliffs, relaxing sandy beaches and warm blue waters. Sometimes called “The Gentle Island” don’t underestimate this quaint and quiet province – it is home to some of Canada’s most important history!


charlottetown fathers of confederation

“The Fathers of Confederation” in Charlottetown for a conference to discuss the future of the Maritimes and Province of Canada in 1864. On July 1st 1867 the Confederation would be signed and Canada as we know it would be “born”!


Almost all of P.E.I.’s soil is made of red sandstone which makes the 1100 kms of coastline spectactular to behold. You’ll be astonished by the vibrancy of the red cliffs and sand, and the beaches themselves are as unique as their colour. Walk along the Singing Sands in Basin Head Provincial Park and listen to exactly that – singing sand!


cavendish beach

Cavendish Beach in P.E.I. National Park is an amazing place to swim, soak up the sun and feel the sand beneath your feet. If you’re feeling restless there are also walking trails nearby!


P.E.I. had the longest period of prohibition (from 1900 to 1948) of any Canadian province. Its people went through two world wars unable to buy a legal drink! This may well explain why Shine (as illegal moonshine on PEI is called) is still the preferred and traditional drink at most social gatherings. Luckily, now there’s a company on P.E.I. that legally makes Moonshine so we can all enjoy a tipple without the fear of breaking the law!


point prim lighthouse pei

The beautiful coastline is littered with lighthouses. Keep your eyes open and camera at the ready as you travel around and see each uniquely charming structure. Pictured here is Point Prim. Built in 1846 it’s P.E.I.’s oldest lighthouse.


P.E.I. born author, L. M. Montgomery, dreamt up her 1908 classic children’s novel, Anne Of Green Gables and set it in her home province. Since publication more than fifty million copies have been sold and have made P.E.I. known worldwide. Visitors come from all over the world to visit the Anne of Green Gables homestead and explore the surrounding area!


Green Gables House, Prince Edward Island National Park

The pretty green and white farmhouse that draws thousands of visitors each year, eager to see the setting of their favourite childhood story!



  • Explore the historic capital city of Charlottetown, home to Canada’s confederation
  • Relax on sandy beaches and swim in the warm waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence
  • Visit the Anne of Green Gables homestead and take a tour!
  • Explore Prince Edward Island National Park and discover the walking trails
  • Take a ferry from Nova Scotia across the Northumberland Strait to P.E.I.
  • Drive over the incredible 12.9km Confederation Bridge to New Brunwick


Confederation Bridge

It used to be that P.E.I. was only accessible via ferry but in 1997 the Confederation Bridge arrived! Its 12.9km journey joins New Brunwick and P.E.I. and is the longest bridge over ice water in the world!


Tours that visit Prince Edward Island