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Canada's Largest Province

The province of Quebec is truly unique, the largest province in Canada and the only to have French as the official language – you could be forgiven for thinking you had wandered into another country altogether!

With beautiful architecture in historic cities, amazing National parks, abundant wildlife and the opportunity to raft down white waters, take a whale watching cruise, sample amazing traditional cuisine, fly on a zip line high above the trees and bathe in French culture, there’s always something and somewhere new to experience and explore!

If you’re a water baby, Quebec has some of the best white water rafting around! Head to beautiful Fort Coulonge and don’t let the serenity of the area fool you. The rafting here is top notch, although completely thrilling (and sometimes terrifying) you’re safe as houses under the supervision of some of the best guides in the world! (So says National Geographic!)

Vast Wilderness and Wildlife

With dozens of national and provincial parks spread throughout Quebec, the wildnerness and wildlife are just there for the taking (not literally, please don’t steal the wildlife)! Take a trip to Mont Tremblant National Park, hike through the trees, canoe on glistening lakes and take a plunge when the summer sun becomes too warm!

Visit the sensational Gaspe Peninsula with it’s intimidating cliffs and beautiful scenery and journey on to the Chic Choc Mountain range! Spend some time in peaceful Riviere Du Loup on the St. Lawrence River – Rivere Du Loup translates to Wolf’s River. This name may have come from a native tribe known as “Les Loups” or from the many seals in the area, known in French as loup-marin (sea wolves). Don’t forget Montreal though! One of Quebec’s most well known cities, read more about it HERE.


  • Take a whale watching cruise in Tadoussac
  • Hike and spot wildlife in Mont Tremblant National Park
  • Hire a bike and explore Montreal
  • Walk the cobbled streets of Quebec City
  • Canoe and swim in refreshing lakes
  • Zipline above the trees or walk the via ferrata on a 200 foot high cliff face
  • Explore Montmorency Falls
  • Relax by the water in Riviere Du Loup
  • Visit Parc Omega and see bears, moose, elk, wolves and other wildlife
  • Visit the Gaspe Peninsula and the Chic Choc Mountains.
  • White water raft down the Ottawa River in Fort Coulonge
  • Try a traditional Montreal smoked meat sandwich (Rye bread, yellow mustard and 2 inches of meat)

Tours that visit Quebec


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Big East

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