Travelling Alone? Don’t Worry.

Solo Travel

Wondering about taking a Moose tour alone?

Will you be the only solo traveller? Will you be able to easily meet people? Will the other passengers have the same interests as you?
The answer to all of these questions is, “Don’t worry!”. Moose tours are designed for solo travellers, small groups of friends, couples and even families. On any tour there will be a few of each of these types of passengers and the outcome is always the same – one big happy group!

The majority of our passengers actually join the tour alone and leave with friends for life from all over the globe! On a Moose tour you can experience all the joys and benefits of group travel but with the flexibilty to enjoy being an independent traveller!

Solo Travel, With a Group

Small Tour Groups

On any tour, we take a maximum of 13 passengers. This makes it easy for you to meet, interact and make friends with everyone as we journey, explore and experience new adventures together! Everyone on a Moose tour is there for the same reasons – they want to have an amazing time trying new activities, seeing new places, learning new things and meeting new people!

Once in a location you are always welcome to take a break from the group and explore locations independently. Of course you’re just as welcome to join your guide and new friends. The decision is yours!

Our Guides Will Make You Comfortable

Your Tour Guide

One of the many benefits of travelling with a group is the knowledge and wisdom of your Moose tour guide. We hire only the most passionate, knowledgeable and fun local guides to take you on your Moose adventure! You’ll be with the same guide throughout your tour so you’ll get to know them well!

Your guide will most likely have grown up in one of the locations you visit on your tour and will have many stories and much local knowledge to pass on. A jack of all trades and a master of the same, they’ll lead activities and hikes, recommend places to explore and even cook some of your meals! Have a question? Just ask them! A Moose tour is not just an experience, it’s an education! Click HERE to meet our guides!

So whether you’re travelling alone, with a group, or with a family member – hop on a tour and let’s get on the road to adventure!